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Khalid Ibn Al-Walid RA

He Was Trained On All Of The Military Arts, He Was Trained On How To Ba A General, So He Was Being Raised In Nobility, So Naturally; Being In This Environment, He Learnt Horsemanship, Skills Of Combat, Uses Of Weapon, The Spear The Lance, The

Bilal Ibn Rabah RA

What Was Bilal Before Islam? Bilal Was A Slave But Then Bilal RA Left The Servitude Of Man, the Slavery Of Man And Became The Slave Of Allah SWT, He Was One Who Struggled And Strived For The Cause Of Allah SWT, And It’s Mentioned

Ali Ibn Abi Talib RA

Imam An Nawawi Recorded That Ali RA Did Not Miss Out On A Single Battle With The Prophet SAW Except The Battle Of Tabook, He Was Always At The Forefront Of The Battles And Never Refuse A Duel, He Destroyed Al Walid Ibn Utbah In

Uthman Ibn Affan RA

Uthman Ibn Affan RA Here’s the full lecture on Uthman Ibn Affan RA; He was a man of honest and respectful ways even before he entered Islam, a man of great modesty; The Prophet (SAW) said: That even the angels are shy in the presence