Moses And Pharaoh [Musa AS And Firoun] Part 1

There Is No Other Nabi In Qur’an Who Is Mentioned More Than Sayyidina Musa And There Is NO Story That Takes A Longer Space And Span Of Qur’an Discussed In Elaborate Details In Many Positions Of Qur’an Like The Story Of Sayyidina Musa, The Most Difficult Job Of All Is The Job Of The Anbiya, The Particular Work Of Sayyidina Musa Going To Be One Of The Most Challenging That Any Nabi Has Faced, So His Struggles, His Difficulties, His Obstacles Begun Before He Even Knew How To Deal With Them, Before Begun He Was Even Born In To This World When He Was Conceived, That’s When His Troubles Begun But Through That Difficulty Allah SWT Raised Him In The House Of Firoun [Pharaoh] Getting The Best Food, The Best Treatment, The Best Lifestyle, He Was Raised As A Strong Man And Now We See Even More That He Was Kicked Out Of His City To Become A Fugitive, He Begun Someone Who Had To Run Away From Law, Then After A While Like All Of US When We Spent Time Away From Our Families, We Begin To Miss Them, Up To This Point Musa Is Not A Prophet Yet, Allah SWT Is Sending Sayyidina Musa To Face The Oldest Monarchy Living On The Face Of The Earth And That Is The Family of Firoun, This Family Will Believe That Devine Blood Is Running Through The Veins, They believed That They Are The Seeds Of God That They Are The Children Of God, This Family That Ruled Over Empire Over The Rich Nile River, They Had Been Ruling For Centuries And Centuries And Nobody Dared To Stand Against Them, Allah SWT Is Going To Send One Man Against This Strong Powerful Family Headed By Firoun, A Super Power Or An Empire Or An Civilisation Of Its Time, So This Was The Mission; The Difficult That Sayyidina Musa AS Was Going To Be Faced With But Until Now Musa Has No Idea What Allah SWT Is Hiding For Him In The Future,

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