Moses [Musa] AS And Bani Isra’il Part 2

Allah SWT Saved Musa And Bani Isra’il From The Strongest Man And Regime And Army, A Nation On The Face Of The Earth, They Saw The Sea Split In To Two Portions Which Seemed Like Mountains, Those Who Were With Musa AS During The Hardships, They Were With Musa AS During The Amazing Miracles That Took Place, They Saw It, They Felt It, They heard, they Saw All The Different Miracles That Took Place In The Hand Of Musa AS, Finally They’re In Freedom Now, Released From The Servitude Of Firoun, What Was The First Thing They Did When They Reached To Safety, Bani Isra’il Saw Some Men Worshipping Some Idols, They Went To Musa And They Said: O Musa Can You Create For Us A God Like They Have Gods, Subhanallah You Want Idol To Worship Like These People, You Want To Worship An Idol Beside Allah The One Just Saved You right Now, This Is Something Wrong With You People, Did You Just Forgot What You Saw, Allah SWT Made You See Where No Many People See, What’s Wrong With You With People, Are You For Real, Are You Joking, But What Did Musa Tell Them, Did He Saw You’re Non-Believers, You Are Kuffar, No he Didn’t He Said: You Are A People Who Are Ignorant, He Said: Shall I Seek For You A God Other Than Allah Where He Has Given You Superiority Over Mankind, They Were The Chosen People Of Allah, They Were The Nation Which Allah Chose, Even Though Up To That Moment They Were Still Weak And They Didn’t Have Any Khilafah And They Didn’t Have Any Nation Nor Power, Nevertheless They Were Still The Best.

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