Khalid Ibn Al-Walid RA

He Was Trained On All Of The Military Arts, He Was Trained On How To Ba A General, So He Was Being Raised In Nobility, So Naturally; Being In This Environment, He Learnt Horsemanship, Skills Of Combat, Uses Of Weapon, The Spear The Lance, The Arrow The Bow And The Sword, In The History Of The Ummah Is The Only Leader Who Inflicted A Damage And A Loss Upon The Prophet SAW And His Contingents, The Only Leader, Nobody Ever Managed To Inflict This Type Of Loss On The Muslims, Khalid Said: I Have Attended All Of These Battles Against Muhammad, And In Every Situation I Attend, I Leave With This Feeling In My Heart That I Am Putting My Effort In Something That Is Wasted And That In The End Muhammad Will prevail, Rasullullah SAW Has Asked Me About You; He Said: Where Is Khalid? I replied Allah Will bring Him, He Then Asked Could Someone Like Him Disregard Islam, If He Were To Put His Energy And Bravery towards To Work With The Muslims, it Would Be Better For Him, Take Note Brother Of What Good Things You Are Missing, And When They Reached The outskirts Of Madinah; Khalid Said: We Stopped And Then We Changed Our Clothes And We Put Our Best Clothes On To Go And Meet Rasullullah SAW, Preparing Themselves For This, For The Greatest Moments In Their Lives, I’ve Fought Against Allah SWT, I Have Fought Against The Messenger Of Allah, I Have Fought Against The Believers, I Caused Death, I Caused Destructions, I Caused Defeat, Ya Rasullullah; O Prophet Of Allah, Pray To Allah SWT That He May Forgive Me, Now He Had A total Different Burning Desire, His Burning Desire Now That Every Single Moment I Spend, Every Slash, Every Cut, Every Spilling Of Blood That I’ve Done On The Muslims, Now I Want To Turn That Back, Khalid Ibn Al-Walid After Over A Hundred Battles, Month After Month; Year After Year, Battle After Battle, It Came Time The Drawn Sword Of Allah SWT Was To Leave This World, He Said: I Spent My Life Fighting, I Spent My Life Waging Jihad And Yet Here I Die Like A Coward On The Bed And He Was Hurt Traumatised, Ya Khalid: The Prophet SAW Called You Allah’s Unsheathed Sword, And It Is Not Befitting That This Sword Be Broken In A Battle; Because It Is The Sword Of Allah, He Said: Never Will The Eyes Of The Coward Sleep, And That Was The Last Words Of This Warrior


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